Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Considering the share of responsibility that each individual, organization, and business has in the context of climate change, Panorama Hotel has implemented the following practices to protect the environment and reduce its energy footprint.


  • 20kw photovoltaic system to reduce energy consumption (net metering).
  • Hot water is 100% solar-powered (solar water heaters).
  • All hotel lights are LED.
  • All outdoor lights operate with night sensors.
  • Energy-saving cards are provided in each room.
  • All air conditioners have been replaced with new technology, eco-friendly gas and inverter.


  • Biological treatment of liquid waste.


  • A water treatment system for water usage.
  • Use of sensors on taps in common areas to minimize unnecessary water usage.
  • The hotel's policy for changing towels is not daily to reduce detergent and water usage.


  • All sanitizers used by the hotel are eco-friendly.


  • A bike rental service is provided for customer transportation.
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